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Enrolling For September 2022


1. Who do I teach?

Children, from age seven, in small group classes.


2. What happens during a group lesson?

Every group lesson is forty-five minutes long.  We start with fun and practical vocal, physical and mental warm-up exercises. Then we do our songs. These vary from Disney, pop, folk, and musical theatre, to light classical. I am always looking for songs that I feel children will enjoy singing, while also helping their voices to develop correctly. I show my students how to use their techniques to perform their songs with expression and feeling. I accompany all the songs using my own professional backing tracks.  We also work with a musician coming up to Feis time.


3. What I strive for in my classes


To build your child’s confidence. To make him/her feel as comfortable as possible about finding their voice, in a very supportive and relaxed atmosphere.


4. Do children have to take singing exams?

Every year children have the option of taking part in Feis Ceoil or the Arklow Feis. I always prepare the whole class for the Feis as the songs are great for their voices. When it comes to the time of entering it’s up to the child and parents to decide if they wish to take part.  I will never pressurise.  I have found over the years that the children really do enjoy the experience.

5. My Studio

I run all my group classes in the fabulous studios of the Miss Ali Stage school in the Dundrum Town Centre.  The studios are very spacious, beautifully decorated and a wonderful environment for teaching singing. We also have access to their small theatre, which has a stage.


6. How much do lessons cost?

A ten week term costs €250


I do not currently offer private 1:1 classes.

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