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" 15 Years Teaching Children to Sing In A Healthy Way"

As a member of the Vard Sisters and as a solo artist signed to Sony Music Ireland, I have over 40 years of experience as a professional singer and recording artist.

I've been teaching singing lessons to children, professional singers and complete beginners now for over 15years.

My teaching methods can be applied to all genres of music, from pop, rock, folk, classical, country and jazz. 


I teach singing using a more holistic method so that children can learn to sing in a healthier way, I use some of the concepts from the Alexander Technique,  Speech Therapy and Thai Chi, this gives children a whole-body awareness when they sing.  


Cathy has had extensive voice training over the years including:

  • Royal Irish Academy of Music where she studied with Paul Deegan.

  • The College Of Music with Peter Mc Brien.

  • The Ballyfermot School Of Music and with Evelyn Dowling.

  • Trained with Sylvia O’Regan who is a Lecturer in Singing at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin.

  • Most recently Cathy has trained with the renowned internationally established voice teacher Deborah Birnbaum, who is a breath specialist technician.

I don’t believe money should stand in the way of learning, which is why I’m proud to offer a range of classes at affordable prices. To find out more about my background, classes or approach, please get in touch.

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