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Platinum Singing by Cathy Vard

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Would you like to learn how to sing or maybe you would like to dramatically improve your singing voice? Do you suffer with vocal problems and need help with your technique? This course has been carefully designed to give students a full understanding of the physiology of singing and its only with this understanding that you can sing effortlessly. No amount of vocal exercises will make significant improvements to your voice without understanding the physiology of singing! Many people learn to sing by themselves and develop poor habits that can lead to vocal trouble and straining. This course will help to free your voice and unlock its true potential! Your body is an instrument and we must understand our instrument to get the best from it! Your tutor is Cathy Vard a triple platinum selling recording artist and vocal coach who has held a two album recording deal with Sony Music. Cathy has 35 years experience in the industry and has been through it all including the complete loss of her voice which nearly ended her career. Cathy has developed this course based on her 35 years experience as a professional singer and vocal coach so that you can learn what has worked for her and her students over the years.

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